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The Jupiter III has been redesigned recently and sounds better than ever! Not only is the case alien-green-sparkle, the newest version of our Jupiter III, analog percussion synth, has a redesigned PCB, linear pots, a larger piezo pickup, and an LED power indicator. It’s more dynamic, and much ballsier than before. You can dial up notes with precision too, whether by knob or photocell. It’s triggered by any audio signal you put in, or by simply tapping the box, like a drum. If green’s not your thing, the orange-sparkle model has all the same new features. So get yer space on!

• circuit: fully analog
• trigger: large internal piezo or audio input
• power: 9V battery or A/C adapter
• function: touch-sensitive percussion synth & optical theremin
• range: many, many octaves

Price: $275 – NOW ON SALE for $225!!!

Order Jupiter III G today >

Josh John’s journey into the stratosphere with his Jupiter Combo

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