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Analog synthesis on the go ::

Whether making alien transmissions, or bringing your music into another dimension, Jupiter III will take you there & beyond. J3 is a unique, handheld, fully-analog synth/space drum/optical-theremin, that can be played three ways:

1) by tapping the case, like a drum, via it’s internal piezo pickup

2) like a theremin via it’s onboard photo-sensor

3) triggered by any external sound source, including drum machine, metronome, mp3 player or TCM, via it’s 1/4″ input.

Jupiter III is highly portable and perfect for home recording as it takes up very little room on your spaceship console or desktop. It’s a huge sounding, handmade, mini, analog synthesizer with silkscreened custom graphics and an orange-sparkle powder-coated finish. J3 will give you light years of sonic enjoyment and impress even the most diehard noise addicts.

Each unit is signed, dated and numbered by COS.

• fully analog circuitry
• 2 oscillators with individual controls
• internal piezo pickup
• photocell optical theremin mode
• can be triggered by any audio source
• LFO, Decay & Sweep controls
• solid construction & components
• handmade in the USA
• LED power indicator
• 9V battery compartment
• durable powder-coated aluminum case
• 1/4″ output – 1/4″ input

Price: $275
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The combo in action outdoors…

Here’s Alain J’s use of the Jupiter III

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