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JUPITER III DeLuxe Edition

Analog synthesis on the go ::

Whether making alien transmissions, or bringing your music into another dimension, Jupiter III will take you there & beyond. J3 is a unique, handheld, fully-analog synth/space drum/optical-theremin, that can be played three ways:

1) by tapping the case, like a drum, via it’s internal piezo pickup

2) like a theremin via it’s onboard photo-sensor

3) triggered by any external sound source, including drum machine, metronome, mp3 player or TCM, via it’s 1/4″ input.

Jupiter III is highly portable and perfect for home recording as it takes up very little room on your spaceship console or desktop. It’s a huge sounding, handmade, mini, analog synthesizer with silkscreened custom graphics and an orange-sparkle powder-coated finish. J3 will give you light years of sonic enjoyment and impress even the most diehard noise addicts.

The TCM (TIme Clock Module) takes Jupiter III into the stratosphere. Just plug straight into the J3, set time to stun, push the button and TCM will engage Jupiter III to make it’s own space-age rhythms. Random sample & hold, deep space drones, theratastic melodies, are all possible with this matched pair.

Order Jupiter III and TCM today >

The combo in action outdoors…

Here’s Alain J’s use of the Jupiter III

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